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Publications, etc.

"What we meet on the page is not the flesh and blood author, but a simulacrum, a character who wears the label 'I'"

~Scott Russell Sanders

Creative Nonfiction:

"The Immortal Jellyfish" in Fugue Literary Journal 57

"What I Don't Know About Love" in The Portland Review Unchartable

"Contrapasso" in DIAGRAM 19.1

"Adoption Agreement" in The Sierra Nevada Review 30

"Binge" in Iron Horse Literary Review 21.1

"Chinese and American" in Brush Talks


"Law of Conversation" in Timber 9.1

"Before the Beach Changed" in Split Rock Review 12


'"Law of Conversation' with Tianli Kilpatrick" in TIMBER 10.2​

3 Minute Thesis Competition:

Masters thesis title: “The Immortal Jellyfish and Other Things That Don’t Know About Love”

  • Northern Michigan University, March 15, 2018 - 1st Place and People's Choice

  • Midwest Association of Graduate Schools Conference, April 6, 2018 - only writer of 37 Masters and PhD contestants

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